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8 times Emily in Paris manages her mind like a pro

**May contain spoilers**

I want to start this blog by saying I’ve heard some negative opinions on the new Netflix show, Emily in Paris – both because of the way it portrays Paris and the French, and the annoyingness of Lily Collin’s character, Emily.

Personally, I loved the show! The picturesque scenes of Paris, and the way Emily looks flawless while winning at all aspects of her life, was just the kind of escapism I needed while I was running on a treadmill in England.

And while Emily’s character isn’t perfect – *cough* sleeping with her friend’s ex-boyfriend *cough* - there was something about her attitude that was really inspiring to me.

Of course, her entire personality has been carefully designed and constructed by a room full of writers, which is the sole reason why her victory in every situation seems so effortless. But that being said – I still think there’s something we can learn from the way the fictional character’s mind works. Because whether you love her or want to throw a croissant at her head, the girl knows how to achieve results.

Don’t believe me? Here’s 8 times Emily manages her mind like a boss:

1) Handles ‘rejection’ like a boss

When her boyfriend decides he doesn’t want to do long distance, or even visit her to end it in person – Emily is hurt and angry, understandably. But she doesn’t make his thoughts and feelings mean anything about her.

She isn’t seen wallowing with her new friend questioning what she did wrong, wondering why she wasn’t ‘good enough’ for him, or whether she should give up her dreams and go home. She recognises they just want different things now, and that their relationship is no longer a ‘want match’, and she moves the f*ck on.

2) She doesn’t make other people’s opinions mean anything about her

When Sylvie doesn’t like her, and makes it very known, she (again) doesn’t make her opinions mean anything about her. She knows she has something to offer and continues to believe that no matter how many times she’s told otherwise.

She also doesn’t think any less of Sylvie. She continues to show up in the way she wants to, as an enthusiastic team member and a compassionate friend. BOOM.

3) She sets and implements her boundaries like a queen

When a gross guy whispers the words ‘American pussy’ ever so sweetly in her ear, she recognises he is crossing a boundary for her and shuts the conversation down immediately. She doesn’t second guess her decision, or text him to apologise, or even explain the boundary and give him another chance to not cross it. She just evokes her right to walk away, like a bad ass b*tch.

Her level of self-respect is clear throughout the series – and she’s willing to walk away from anyone who doesn’t match it.

She does the same to her stuck up date at the ballet. And the guy who shows her round her new flat. And her slimy client when he buys her lingerie!

4) Turns criticism into learnings

When she’s criticised, she doesn’t let it erode her self-worth or doubt her entire career. She recognises what some may see as her flaws and looks for ways to use them to her advantage. Like when she’s called a ‘basic bitch’ and she uses it as her biggest selling point.

5) Moves to a new country with no fear of failure

She is my idol for this. She is offered a job in Paris, and (although I’m sure she had many of them) she didn’t let thoughts of failure stop her saying yes. So many people would say no purely because they’re scared that it could be a huge mistake. But she knows the biggest failure would be to not try and packs le sac. She also encourages this mind-set in her friend when she encourages her to pursue singing again, despite her failing in the past.

6) She embraces a beginner’s mind

She doesn’t know any French – something which is pointed out to her often. But she embraces the beginner’s mind-set and throws herself into learning. She admits it’s a shortcoming and is willing to get things wrong again and again, without letting it shake her self-esteem.

7) She doesn’t argue with reality

When her boss says delete your Instagram account or your fired – she has two choices – delete the account, or risk all hell breaking loose at work.

Although she thinks it’s unfair, she doesn’t argue with the reality of the situation. She knows given her two current options, the one she wants most is to keep her job. So she doesn’t spend time or energy moaning about how unfair it is and how her boss should be different. She doesn’t try and change her boss or beg to keep the account. She accepts her boss’ decision and makes her own given the reality she’s faced with. No drama.

8) Has an empowered mind-set throughout (no victim mind-set)

She could have easily said, ‘Wahhh I’m in Paris and I don’t know the language, my colleagues are mean to me, my boyfriend refused to support me, and I keep standing in dog shit!’

But she doesn’t. She doesn’t throw herself a pity party (I mean she has the odd winge about the flooring system) but overall she turns every setback into an opportunity and takes complete control. She is responsible for her experience in Paris, not her flakey boyfriend, her colleagues, or the people that refuse to pick up after their dogs.

Maybe this is why some people aren’t warming to her character – she’s a little bit too perfect.

Love her or hate her – if I’m ever faced with a mean colleague, a pervy stranger, or if my mind becomes flooded with fear of failure, I’ll be asking myself WWED? (What Would Emily Do?)

Apart from sleeping with my friend’s ex-boyfriends – I’ll definitely keep to What Would Rebecca Do in that situation…

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