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The 12 week group coaching programme to help you finally manage your mind and emotions

  • Do you feel anxious in your relationships and find yourself constantly overthinking?

  • Are you tired of battling your anxiety and feeling like it controls your life?

  • Do you notice yourself feeling jealous and insecure and taking it out on your partner or friends?

  • Do you often want to control everything around you so that you can feel okay again?

  • Are you often lost in a scary world of 'What-Ifs'?

  • Are you afraid of rejection? And find yourself scanning for evidence of it everywhere you go?

  • Do you struggle with people pleasing and setting boundaries? Because you hate the thought of anybody being mad at you?

Image by Anthony Tran

The solution

I've been there. I used to feel so anxious about every relationship in my life, so scared that the people I cared about were going to leave me at any moment, so convinced that I wasn't good enough and would always be abandoned. I tried therapy, I researched the sh*t out of the anxious attachment style, and I intellectually understood my problem. But still nothing changed. 

That was when I discovered coaching, and I went through an amazing coaching journey that changed my life so much that I knew I just had to train to become a coach myself - so I can share these tools with other people who need them as badly as I did. 

Through Master Your Relationship Mind Drama, you will finally have concrete tools for managing and rewiring your own anxious brain. So that you can ENJOY your relationships and feel confident, secure, and connected to the people in your life.  

The programme

After this programme, you will have

the tools to be able to:

  • Feel confident and secure in your worth, no matter what other people say or do

  • Manage all your negative emotions (including anxiety) and not let them take over your life! 


  • Show up as the trusting, confident, loving partner or friend that you want to be

  • Stop spiralling in scary 'What if' thoughts, because you know you can handle anything life throws at you

  • Feel like you call the shots with your brain, instead of letting it be the boss of you!

  • Feel love and compassion for yourself, as the imperfect, amazing human that you are!

Image by Rowan Chestnut

MYRMD: The process

The 12 week group coaching programme will take you through:​

  • How to process your emotions, so they no longer control the way you show up

  • Thought awareness - so you can identify and question your default way of thinking

  • Self compassion for your anxious brain

  • The Self Coaching Model - The tool we can use to manage our minds in any situation

  • Limiting beliefs - including fear of rejection, jealousy, etc 

  • How to rewire your thinking patterns - and create new habit thoughts

  • Dealing with uncertainty - by developing self certainty!

  • Manuals and our expectations of others - letting go of the desire to control others

  • Boundaries and people pleasing


MYRMD: What's included

For a small group of like-minded people:

  • Group coaching session every week (90 mins per session). Calls will be recorded for those who can't attend live


  • Access to the Relationship Anxiety 101 online modules (8 modules with mini teachings, recordings, and exercises) to help you learn to coach your own brain 


  • Facebook group to get to know the other people in the programme and support each other. Plus feedback and support from me!


  • BONUS: Plus monthly one on one coaching calls with me (30 mins)


For £750 in full or £250 per month

10% off discount available for the first 24 hours

Check out what past members said:

Frequently Asked Questions


When do we start?
The next round is TBC. So get on the waitlist to make sure you don't miss the announcement!

How often will I be coached?
You will be divided into small groups of no more than 12, meaning there's tonnes of opportunities to be coached and watch others with brains just like yours being coached. Plus you have your monthly 1:1 and the Facebook group for ongoing coaching / support from me. 

When will the calls be?
There will be two group classes available for you to attend:

  • Monday - 12pm BST

  • Tuesday - 6pm BST

You will only be permitted to join one of the groups. Please convert this into your own time zone to check if one of these call times works for you.

Can I join if I'm not from the UK?

YES. People attend MYRMD from all over the world. It is all done via Zoom - so you can join from anywhere :) 

Got more questions? Let's chat! Drop me an email at

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