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Making big decisions

This year I’ve made a few big decisions that feel scary, but also make me so excited.

The decision to follow my passion has been something I’ve put off doing for years out of fear of failure – which is something I’m sure a lot of you can relate to. And it’s only now that I’m learning more about managing my mind that I’m realising how truly crazy that is.

We often don’t go after what we really want, because we have a lot of doubt over whether we can achieve it. So we decide to not achieve it in advance, to save ourselves from the pain of how we’ll feel if we don’t achieve it…. Which obviously makes absolutely no sense.

Unfortunately, whoever designed the universe, decided to give a mandatory portion of doubt to anyone following their desires. It’s the worst package deal, but a package deal none the less.

Sometimes I think – yeah, but surely if I was supposed to be doing this I wouldn’t have these doubting voices in my head, and it would just feel easy and straight forward. But wakeup call…that’s just not the way the cookie crumbles.

I’ve now realised that going after anything that’s really important to me is going to naturally come with a side of fear, doubt, and anxiety. And we have to either embrace that and expect it, or do what we’ve always done and refuse to even try.

If I don’t succeed first time, or second time, or even 10th time – who cares! At least I tried! And I don’t think anyone on their death bed has ever said they regret following their heart or attempting to achieve their dream.

If there’s something in your life that you have a burning desire to do but ‘something’ is holding you back, ask yourself if you’re choosing to honour your doubt or if you’re truly honouring your desire.

Every time a doubt pops into my head, I have to gently remind myself that I’m not choosing doubt anymore – and be willing to remind myself of that every single day until I succeed.

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